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IBIS World Market Reports now used by Monale

Exclusive to Monale clients, all strategic branding services are backed by IBIS World Market Research allowing companies deeper insight into brand opportunities. Monale is always enhancing its deliverability to ensure stakeholders can bring their vision to life.

Considered Design is a practice whereby Monale's strategists, designers and data analysts use hindsight and foresight to shape brands into future-ready brands, accelerating their business growth. Access to IBIS World Market Research now allows client access to greater knowledge of the trends within industries across Professional Services, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, Technology and more.

Managing Director Mariam Rehman says that 'market research will ensure clients are provided with greater certainty of their marketing investments and insight into potential growth strategies for their business'. Mrs Rehman also believes in 'partnering with our clients for growth' to abide by Monale's values.

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