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As the pandemic hit, the world instantly became reliant on technology to survive. But access to information comes at a price. What price? Our information. Lawyers uphold a large responsibility towards their clients to ensure confidentiality. RSG revised their business model to better secure client information through custom coded servers and electronic devices. And now, they needed to revise their brand to better reflect this change.
‘The average total cost of a ransomware breach is $4.62 million, slightly higher than the average data breach of $4.24 million’ (IBM). The stats are alarming. But instead of leading with fear, we positioned RSG as a brand that prioritises privacy. One that leads with transparency and security. Reflecting loyalty and exclusivity. Reality is, not everyone cares about where their information goes. RSG wanted to attract those who care.
Weeks after the launch they appeared on Forbes. Brand recognition grew immensely which saw a direct increase in their revenue within the next quarter. Though brand is not usually monitored to measure exact ROI, it returned something even more beneficial - a clear position in the market. They now are not competing or surviving. Rather, RSG are leading.
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What our clients say.

'Monale asked the right questions to help us navigate creating a clear brand. I was suprised by the impact that our new brand had on our business growth and would highly recommend the team at Monale to any scaling business.'

Oguzhan Sheriff
Director, RSG

'We have been on a rapid growth journey and for a large part of that had Monale by our side helping us develop our brand. We found Mariam and her team very perceptive and able to understand what we were trying to achieve as a business. The branding work they did for us hit all the right notes and really helped get our brand out there. It’s been a key part of our growth journey. On top of that I found the crew at Monale fun to work with, with lots of fresh energy and creativity that was a great addition to our business. I have no trouble recommending them to others.'

Sean Melbourne
Director, Source Legal

'Monale have been a key aspect in the growth and brand recognition of Vision Radiology in Victoria. Mariam and the team would take their time in listening to the task at hand and would address a solution in a timely manner. Monale is by far the most unqiue and results-driven agency we have worked with. Their strategies and ideas are different. The results from our brand awareness campaigns that Monale have been able to achieve are absolutely incredible. '

Omar Ameen
Partner, Vision Radiology

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